Culture factor

“Culture” is a word that is often used without a clear definition. Confusion around the word is understandable because even people familiar with the topic tend to have some disagreement on what exactly it means, or what it constitutes.

We often talk about Organisational Culture and National Culture, but the reality is that in business even these two cannot be completely separated as there is a lot of overlap between them. National Culture is one of the key elements to keep in mind when you want to define your Organisational Culture, and Organisational Culture is crucial for managing diverse organisations or teams.

This is where The Culture Factor comes into the picture.

When we talk about The Culture Factor, we talk about making culture your competitive advantage. Culture is one of the few unique elements in any company, and when we talk about leveraging Your Culture Factor, we talk about making sure that it sets you apart from your competition in all the right ways.

The Culture Factor can refer to your organisation’s culture as a whole, but it can also mean that you fully leverage the diversity of your workforce. Usually, it means both of these things.

During a recent training at a stock-listed tech company, we identified the culture factor that created a common bond and at the same time diversity among the professionals from India, Egypt and the Netherlands. Exercises and case studies supported by the 6D Hofstede framework helped the team to make sure culture works for, and not against the team.