In-house training

If you have intercultural issues, workshops are an effective way to develop individual or group skills, knowledge and understanding on international cooperation.

In particular, I focus on general intercultural effectiveness, intercultural negotiation and effective leadership skills. The courses are the result of more than 50 years of academic research by Emeritus Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, Holland’s most internationally cited scientist. His books have been translated into 21 languages. Dutch-speaking participants will receive a copy of my own book, Do We Have a Deal?

Together with more than a hundred experts, from different cultural and professional backgrounds, I am available to provide training and improve your intercultural effectiveness. Training can be delivered in Dutch, English and Spanish and I develop customized training based on the needs of the organization. Managers and executives of various (listed) international companies, international organizations such as the European Union, healthcare organizations and educational institutions in different countries have attended my in-house training.

Here are three examples.

Do We Have A Deal: Successful deal making in other cultures.

In this training, Jan Vincent Meertens, author of “Do We Have a Deal?”, helps recognize, understand and manage cultural differences so that negotiation and collaboration is more effective and profitable for parties from different cultural backgrounds.


The training provides an easily accessible understanding of the differences that exist between Dutch and other cultures and how that understanding improves the chances of successful negotiations. For the training, Jan Vincent draws on the extensive academic work of Geert Hofstede in particular, on his own experience as an expatriate, entrepreneur and international negotiator, and on the many experiences shared with him by people from various walks of international life. The training does not specifically target business or government. Also on the student going on an exchange program, the aid worker going to lead a project in an affected area, the prospective expat or the boss of an incoming expat, export manager or the pilot. They and other travelers and hosts may take away just that one insight from this book that can make the encounter with the Other more beneficial and valuable for both.


Through examples, exercises and case studies, Jan Vincent will hold nine components of negotiation up to the light of different cultures. He hands the participant Hofstede’s 6D model plus the negotiation wheel. Both are easy to apply in daily work with people from other cultures.


Hofstede’s 6D model consists of the six cultural dimensions developed by Hofstede based on years of extensive research. Hofstede is Holland’s most internationally cited economic scientist.

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Successful global negotiation strategies

Understanding the mindset of your foreign counterpart

Global negotiation is an art requiring the right feeling for intercultural sensitivities. Your foreign counterpart has his/her own habits, customs and culture. Understanding of your own cultural background against these diverse values will help you being better prepared and more effective in achieving your goals. It helps you meet your targets and manage building a mutually beneficial long-term intercultural relationship at the same time.

The master class helps you:

  • Introduction to the Hofstede model and its four essential cultural dimensions.
  • Reflect on your own values and cultural mindset in the negotiation process.
  • Understand cross-cultural negotiation tactics, including power, control, conflict, ambiguity, agreement and conclusion
  • Apply the cultural awareness through case studies and role-play.

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Essentials: ‘Improve performance in international setting’

Essentials: ‘Improve performance in international setting’

Turn cultural diversity into an asset

Cultural diversity can be a major challenge. Whether working globally or locally, most organizations span more than one cultural context. Successful management of diversity has become a strategic competence. A competence that helps you lead, teach, coach and manage your teams and relationships effectively – and successfully. This master class takes you from reflecting on your own values and assumptions to understanding those of others. It will make you understand how to turn cultural diversity into an asset.

This seminar will help you:

  • Introduction to the Hofstede model and its four essential cultural dimensions.
  • Reflect on your own values and cultural assumptions
  • Gain sensitivity and skills to communicate and manage across cultures
  • Identify specific cross-cultural challenges and their solution

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