My Story

When traveling, as well as at home, we encounter The Other every day. Sometimes he comes from very far away. The other time at very close range. The Other speaks a different language, has a different skin color, is Buddhist, or perhaps Sunni. He or she gives a hand, a kiss or nothing at all. In a distant country you are welcome, in your country he or she is welcome. At least, that’s how we all want to feel and be. During my travels, I learned a lot about The Other. I want to share those experiences to help make dealing with The Other easier, more meaningful and profitable. For both. For we are The Other to each other.

In my youth, I lived for several years in Colombia, where I attended the British School. After getting my BBA at Nyenrode, I went to study at Thunderbird, Arizona in the US, and got my MBA there. From America, I went to Latin America to hold various management positions with a multinational company in Colombia, Guatemala and California. In Colombia, I was held hostage for eight months. I described my experience in“The Girl from Tota,” published by the Arbeiderspers. After returning, I joined a wonderful industrial company, Holmatro, which is a global leader through 150 dealers.

After several years I founded ICET which specialized in advising, training and supplying relief organizations. We were active on all continents, working for local governments and international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank. The company is now owned by a Danish multinational.

In addition to my current activities as an intercultural trainer, coach and author. I am also, among other things, founder and director of the Connect2Us Foundation.

As a manager at a multi-national and ex-entrepreneur in the public-private sector, I have the experience to help make international organizations more effective and successful by optimizing interculture collaboration and communication. From cultural diversity to cultural inclusion. From a nice deal to a great deal.

While painting, I can creatively and freely express my feelings about how people are different and yet the same. How we all add color to the same painting. Visit my on-line gallery.

Do you have questions about cross-cultural management and how I can help you further? Contact.

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