Can I help?

I am a results-oriented business coach and trainer with extensive experience from his own international businesses. As a sparring partner and facilitator, I help you step by step and with the right tools, tips and tricks to answer your questions, so that you and your organization can really move forward in a short period of time. I use the Hofstede Model to arrive at clear and applicable insights about your own culture and those of the people you deal with and of your own organization. As a certified practitioner of the Culture Factor Group, I can draw on the knowledge a large international network of more than 100 experts when needed.

Would you like to

  • get your multicultural team in a flow?
  • streamline your multicultural organization ?
  • balance in creativity and intercultural management?
  • Know what intercultural leadership means?
  • keep more money by reducing attrition?
  • Know how you yourself function in the context of another culture?
  • improve your intercultural communication skills?
  • Run a virtual meeting better?
  • successfully conclude negotiations with someone from another culture?
  • objectively measure the culture of your own organization?

“………We consider Jan Vincent the best gift from peer group coaching could ever give us in the form of a path guider. He is the very definition of business leader and an Entrepreneur. During our mentoring his analytical and strategic thinking skills were challenged and proven every time in every meeting in different scenarios. Jan Vincent is a go-to person for problem solving and conflict resolution.”

Bhagya Laxmi Patnaik